Lost at Sea EP

by Illestbeats



its an conceptual instrumental album
i wanted to paint the picture of cruise ship going down in the middle of the Atlantic

echoes from the deep - i added classic piano and strings to paint the picture of classical music being played on a cruise ship, the synth sound bouncing back and fourth is meant to represent the panic and adrenaline felt during the sinking, the echoing voice sample is meant to represent the sirens going off from under water, echoing throughout the open ocean

ship lights from a distance- i used dark gloomy noises to paint the picture of being stranded in open water at night, the pulling violin noise throughout the track is meant to represent light's from rescue boats being shined to the left and right

safety boats- with uplifting drums, its meant to represent the feeling of seeing small paddle boats making their way out to where the survivors are, picture the credits going by in a movie while listening to this track, it ties the sonic movie together perfectly


released September 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Illestbeats Los Angeles, California

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